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10 of the Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World

If you're looking to try any of these drinks on this list, hopefully, you started saving from the moment you were born (or hopefully, your last name starts with B- & ends with -ezos),

Here we have it, the top 10 most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world:

10. Dalmore 62 – £125,000

The world's most expensive whisky: a bottle of Dalmore 62 was bought 10 years ago at Singapore Airport by an anonymous buyer for $250,000 USD which is about £125,000.

This whisky spent 62 years in a cask before it was bottled which helps to explain the price. Plus, there were only 12 bottles of Dalmore 62 ever created and so the exclusivity of the drink is a real incentive too.

9. 1945 Romanée-Conti Wine – £411,304

In 2018, a bottle of 1945 Romanée-Conti sold at auction for a whopping $558,000 USD. The red wine is especially coveted because reportedly only 600 bottles were produced in 1945, and the vines were removed and replanted after this vintage.

If you were hoping to try a bottle, you'll be pleased to hear the vineyard still produces wine to this day but limit itself to only 5000 bottles a year.

8. Macallan 64 Year Old In Lalique – £300,000

Macallan is a famous producer of high-quality whisky and is no surprise to see on this list! Macallan is famed for its massive and rare collection of aged single malt whisky.

In 2010, an auction took place for one of the oldest and rarest they ever distilled. It sold for $464,000 USD but all the proceeds from the sale were donated to a charity that helps to provide developing nations with safe drinking water.

7. Mendis Coconut Brandy VS – £720,305

The world's first bottle of clear brandy, which was made from coconut, was debuted in New York in 2008.

Distributed by luxury brand Luce Coterie, its first release was sold with the price tag of $1 Million USD!

6. Diva Vodka –£720,305

Diva Vodka is made with natural spring water then distilled three times before being filtered through precious gemstones and diamonds. If that wasn't enough, the vodka is then poured into its bottle which is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The so-called 'diamond-based purification procedure' goes a long way to explain the $1 million USD price tag.

5. Russo-Baltique Vodka – £1 Million

Russian luxury car maker Russo-Baltique is said to have created this vodka to commemorate the anniversary of the company's factory. The bottle is studded with 7,000 Swarovski crystals and also features a replica of the radiator guard used for Russo-Baltique cars.

While most of their brands are known and sampled, only a privileged few have tried Russo-Baltique, the premium vodka is priced at a staggering £1 million per bottle.

4. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – £1.2 Million

Of all the spirits in the world, Cognac seems to have one of the most dignified reputations. This Cognac has been aged for 100 years and is thought to be one of the rarest drinks on the planet. The bottle itself is made from 24-carat gold and sterling platinum bottle covered with around 6,500 diamonds.

With an approximate weight of 8 Kilograms, it is filled with 100 cl. of Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne that contains 41% alcohol and carries a $2 million USD price tag.

3. Tequila Ley .925 – £2.5 Million

Tequila Ley ,925 might be best known for being listed in the Guinness book of world records as the most expensive bottle ever sold. The drink is made from the company’s own Los Altos de Jalisco Plantations, said to be where the best Tequilas in the world are made. The drink also contains over 6,400 different diamonds!

As one of the most expensive drinks in the world, this tequila has a price tag of $3.5 million USD per bottle.

2. Billionaire Vodka – £2.7 Million

One of the most expensive drinks in the world, creator Leon Verrres was not kidding when he named this Vodka. The vodka is made from a Russian recipe where it is distilled from pure wheat and crystal clear water and then poured over million-dollar diamonds.

The huge five-litre bottle special spirit costs an astounding $3.7 million with a brand motto of “It’s good to be the king".

1. Isabella Islay Whisky - £4.47 Million

The Isabella Islay Whisky Original sells for the jaw-dropping price of $6.2 million USD. It is crusted with 8500 diamonds, almost 300 rubies and it is fashioned with the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering the decanter.

As if the drink wasn't exclusive enough, each individual Isabella Islay bottle is crafted by hand to the wishes of the customer!

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