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7 of the most creative CV's you'll see today

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It's hard to stand out from the crowd.

These days, with competition so tough, the days of a CV purely being about your work experience are gone.

We've gathered up a list of some of the most creative CVs around that are sure to turn heads - whether they actually land the job is a different story.

But if the role fits, why not try something a little more adventurous to create a standout CV!

Here are seven of the most creative resumes professionals have made to impress future employers.

Spotify-themed resume

This clever applicant transformed Spotify's iconic artist page to create their CV.

After posting a picture of it to Twitter, stating she was applying for her "dream job" the CV went viral!

Spotify's CEO tweeted back and offered her a job not to mention the team at Twitter tweeting a counter offer, trying to steal her away.

THIS™ themed

See the product.... become the product.

As a company that are well known for their quirky, sarcastic and cheeky style of marketing, the hiring manager's face at THIS™ must have lit up when this application came through.

Sure enough, Milo got his dream job working with THIS™ proving a creative CV is sometimes the way to go!

LEGO inspired

These creative CVs tend to think outside of the box but for this one, they've gone inside of it.

This creative applicant took it upon themselves to build a Lego Minifigure to impress employers when he was a recent graduate.

Look alongside the Minifigure is the introduction: "Welcome to your newest employee." With this type of application, confidence is key!

The Video Game CV

Who says job applications can't be fun!?

This creative CV has you jumping around and flying off in a hot air balloon all the while you can see the many achievements of this applicant.

The video game CV shows off both creative and technical skills but at the same time, it oozes off personality.


Taking the idea of selling yourself on your CV to the extreme!

But seriously, the attention to detail in this CV is incredible. From the tiny 'Hire him' to the review-style references. He thought of everything.

Comic-book resume

Creating a CV that is both portfolio and CV is the definition of killing two birds with one stone.

By using the style of art they are hoping to produce, they are automatically helping themselves stand out from the crowd.

Google me

While some candidates might shudder at the thought of a potential employer Googling their name, this creative CV-maker encourages it.

Showing off their skills with a clever mix of wit and a whole load of information, it would be hard to imagine a hiring manager not loving this creative CV!

You've got to love the little details, especially the "Did you mean to hire: Eric Gandhi?"

Well, there we have it. Seven of the most creative CVs you'll see today.

Can you imagine making a CV this outside of the box?

If you're struggling with your job hunt, why not give one of the BP DRINKS team a message? We are always ready to have a chat about your next potential career move or your upcoming hiring hunt.

BP DRINKS is a team of dedicated specialists within the Drinks industry who offer bespoke recruitment solutions to the sector.

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