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A Very Merry Christmas: The Best Alcohol Advent Calendars

From sparkling wines and tequila to craft beers and rum, we've selected the best boozy advent calendars that will get you in the Christmas spirit all December long.

For many people - us included - Christmas is all about food and drink. From the 1st of December onwards, anything goes; cheeseboards, party food buffets, midweek desserts, all leading up to the showstopper roast dinner on the day itself piled high with all the trimmings. Because it is Christmas after all.

So if you're looking for a way to extend your Christmas celebrations through the month, we've got just the thing. These alcohol advent calendars will make the perfect treat for your Christmas guests, you or anyone who is looking to try the latest flavours the Drinks industry has to offer.


World Whisky Advent Calendar, £149.95

Explore the globe from your tasting glass as you count down to Christmas in the most delicious fashion with this 24-day advent calendar from Drinks By The Dram.

Available to purchase here.

Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar 2022 Edition, £248.95

Some of the finest whiskies in the world hail from Japan, and this calendar is a wonderful way to try them.

Available to purchase here.


Craft Gin Club The Very Merry Gin Calendar, £89.95

This cult favourite is back again for the third year, with 25 Craft Gins that will keep you very merry throughout the season.

Available to purchase here.

Fever-Tree gin and tonic advent calendar, £60

Behind the 24 doors are 6 x 150ml Fever-Tree mixers, specially chosen to match with one of the 12 x 5cl brilliantly crafted gins, including Sipsmith, Silent Pool, Hendrick's and Tanqueray.

Available to purchase here.


Dry Drinker Beer Advent Calendar

An award-winning alcohol-free beer advent calendar, packed with delicious alcohol-free beers from lagers, IPAs stouts and a Christmas ale or two.

Available to purchase here.

Beer Hawk 2022 Advent Calendar, £85

From traditional wheat beers to modern IPAs and famous Belgian styles, this year's Beery Christmas Advent Calendar brings innovative beers from 11 countries across the globe.

Available to purchase here.

North Brewing Co. Advent Calendar, £89.99

North Brewing make hazy hoppy IPAs, crisp pilsners, and fruity sours alongside more traditional cask beers. This calendar brings a huge selection of beers, merch and vouchers.

Available to purchase here.

Abbeydale Brewery Beer Advent Calendar, £79.50

Sheffield-based brewery Abbeydale Brewery has released its first-ever beer advent calendar this Christmas.

Available to purchase here.


ALDI Wine Advent Calendar, £59.99

This countdown calendar included 25 bottles of wine with a mixture of red, white and sparkling bottles.

Available to purchase online here.

Virgin Wines Calendar, £89.99

This sought-after wine advent calendar is filled with award-winning wines. Virgin Wines was the first company to launch a wine advent calendar in the UK so it's no surprise it knows what it's doing.

Available to purchase here.

Brixton Wine Club Canned Wine Advent Calendar, £125

Brixton Wine Club's favourite wines from the year make up this collection of red, white, and sparkling wines plus a couple of seltzers too.

Available to purchase here.

Sparkling Wine

Freixenet 12-Day Advent Calendar, £59.95

This Advent Calendar puts the focus on the twelve days after Christmas - the perfect treat Christmas morning and all those in-between days after up to the New Year!

Available to purchase here.

John Lewis Fizz Advent Calendar, £140

This super selection of sparkling prosecco, wine and Champagne is filled with fantastic brands you can enjoy in the lead-up to Christmas.

Available to purchase here.


24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar, £99

This offering is the perfect chance to learn more about rum with 24 different from 24 different countries all over the world. There are world-renowned brands and under-the-radar gems, sweet rums and dry rums, young and old spiced rums.

Available to purchase here.

Dead Man's Fingers Rum 12 Days of Christmas, £39.99

This selection box is perfect for any rum lover! With 12 different flavoured and spiced rums all in a reusable box.

Available to purchase here.


The Spirit Co – Arriba Tequila Advent Calendar, £124.99

Perfect for every tequila connoisseur, this advent calendar is filled with 24 x 3cl bottles of the finest spirits from leading producers across the world.

Available to purchase here.


Drinks by the Dram – Vodka Advent Calendar, £99.95

Perfect for anyone who already calls themselves a vodka enthusiast, or for those who are looking to dip their toe into the spirit. This calendar comes with 24 samples of pure and flavoured vodkas.

Available to purchase here.


12-day Advent Cocktail Box, created by NIO Cocktails, £115

Italian pre-mixed brand NIO cocktails have unveiled a 12-day advent calendar cocktail box, containing 24 drinks. Each cocktail comes accompanies by a dried garnish - fancy!

Available to purchase here.

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