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Celebrate World Gin Day 2021 with these British Small-Batch Craft Gins

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

What better day for World Gin Day 2021 but a Saturday? 12th June 2021 will be celebrated by G&T drinkers far & wide.

The British love affair with Gin is not over. Just look at some of the products that have been released this year... Sipsmith's Wimbledon inspired collaboration, Koppaberg's venture into the botanical spirit and well, Whitley Neill's extensive flavour variety is unmatched!

But a massive part of the love of gin stems from independent and local distillers who passionately create crafts gins with exciting and unique flavours.

We have gathered up a list of some of the best British Small-Batch Gins.

Colwith Farm Distillery Aval Dor Cornish Dry Gin

Perfect in a G&T, Martini or cocktail this small-batch craft is produced from scratch at a family farm in Cornwall.

Filled with fruity, citrus and also spicy, coriander flavours.

Crofter's Tears Highland Gin

A London Dry gin produced by Scottish distillers Ice & Fire who handpick local heather tips which only blooms in July & August.

Conker Spirit Gin

This gin is made in the Dorset's first gin distillery using British wheat spirit, New Forest spring water and 10 botanicals.

This is a gin that is made to be paired with an elderflower tonic!

Buy here:

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin

Made in North Devon, this floral small batch has layers of fresh citrus and sweet hibiscus.

The distillers recommend this gin is enjoyed as a G&T garnished with lemon and thyme,

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Whittaker's Gin

A small-batch spirit which is created in the heart of North Yorkshire, Whittaker's Gin is distilled using local botanicals and fresh natural water from the House's grounds/

An incredibly light flavour with a strong juniper undercurrent makes this gin perfect for sipping.

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Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin

Everything you could ask of a 'pink gin'. Beautifully infused with raspberries before and after distillation gives this small batch a delicate sweetness plus a pretty pink hue.

Ideally paired with a light tonic, you've got yourself the perfect summer's drink.

Buy here:

Wight Mermaid Gin

Handcrafted on the Isle of Wight using local botanicals, the crafters of this gin were inspired by their sea surroundings to create a refreshing serve.

The creators encourage its drinkers to recreate an ocean breeze by enjoying a so-called Mermaid & Tonic.

Buy here:

GlenWyvis Original Highland Gin

Created using a selection of nine botanicals, this small batch has notes of fresh orange and ground almond.

This Scottish craft gin can be best enjoyed over ice with a slice of orange and a premium tonic.

Buy here:

Mayfield Sussex Hop Gin

Sussex hops are key to this eye-catching craft gin, which has a vigorous citrussy flavour and a subtle, sweet bitterness.

Perfectly paired with a tonic and twist of lemon.

Buy here:

Dyfi Original Gin

Locally foraged botanicals including bog myrtle and Scot's pine tips make up this rich, bold and smooth gin.

Perfect for G&T's but maybe more enjoyable served straight to get the flavours.

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