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The Best Pre-Made Negronis For Party Season

The foolproof way to make the hosting season's most stunning cocktails.

It would be fair to say that Negronis - especially Negroni Sbagliato - had a bit of a *moment* earlier this year.

That's all thanks to a behind-the-scenes interview promoting Game of Thrones' prequel House of the Dragon on HBO's TikTok account.

The cocktail is made with Campari, sweet vermouth, and sparkling wine is added instead of the traditional gin.

But if you don't fancy testing out your mixology skills, these brands have got you covered.

With a variety of flavours, shapes, sizes and strengths to satisfy a whole kingdom of people.

Our list of the best pre-made Negroni:

Campari Negroni, 50cl £18.89

Ranked earlier this year as the No. 1 best-selling international classic cocktail in Drinks International’s 2022 report, this balanced ready-to-serve is a Negroni staple.

It offers a crafted mix of juniper, sweet citrus, spice and herbal notes, paired with wormwood and bitter root finish.

Get it here.

Black Cow Negroni, 50cl £5.20

The Black Cow Negroni is made up of Pure Milk Vodka, Campari, vermouth and a secret blend of natural bitters.

Made in West Dorset this cocktail has a smooth finish and a citrusy zing.

Available to purchase here.

MOTH Negroni, 125ml x 6 £20

These cans are the perfect pocket-sized cocktails that are just as tasty on the go or enjoyed leisurely at home.

MOTH uses quality ingredients and appealing packaging for their freshly made Negroni's which they describe as 'enigmatic, floral, punch and bitter.' Yum!

Get them here.

MAP Lab Maison Negroni, 500ml £37.50

This no-frills cocktail makes the perfect gift for the sophisticated in your life.

Maison Negroni pays homage to the classic Italian cocktail with a balanced mix of flavours.

Available to purchase here.

Primo Aperitivo Negroni, 500ml £23.12

Using only natural ingredients to create this unique recipe, Primo Negroni offers an authentic bittersweet taste.

All of the ingredients from this premium serving are made in Italy but can be enjoyed wherever!

Get it here.

Kocktail Winter Spiced Negroni, 500ml £25

Take the classic Negroni recipe of Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth but add a wintery twist with warm and rich spiced flavours - that's how you'll find Kocktail's Winter Spiced Negroni.

Made with quality ingredients, Kocktail's cocktail curator was the Senior Bartender at the Savoy Beaufort Bar when it was crowned the 'Best Hotel Bar in the World.' Very fancy.

Available from their website here.

Black-Lines Negroni, 500ml £22

Black-Lines describe this Negroni as 'the Judi Dench of the cocktail world: short, strong, a timeless cocktail' and I don't think we can really top that description!

Make it yours here.

Moore House Winter Negroni, 200ml £17.50


Get it here.

Whitebox Pocket Negroni, 100ml x 6 £30

Award-winning Negroni from Whitebox comes in super fun packaging that is the perfect, pocket size.

Perfect for Christmas: Whitebox has a set of limited edition crackers which come with 2 perfect serves.

Available to purchase here.

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