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10 of the UK's Best Secret Bars

Can you keep a secret? No? Neither can we!

That's why we're letting you in on some of the - worst kept - secret bars in the country!

So buckle in, and listen carefully, while we list the 10 best secret bars!

And if anyone asks.. you didn't hear this from us!

The Washhouse, Manchester

This launderette is hiding a dirty secret... behind the tumble dryer doors lies one of the best cocktail bars in this northern city. Once you make your way through the secret doors into this elusive cocktail bar, you'll understand why those who go want to keep it to themselves!

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, London

Don't be fooled by the icy entrance at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town as what hides behind the Smeg fridge is worth the cold. A broody basement of vintage furniture and Canadian whisky lodge meets speakeasy, this place is filled with fun, food and great drinks

Panda & Sons, Edinburgh

If the guy at the door asks, tell him you're there for a trim. It's as inconspicuous as that. Then, once you're through the Barbershop, make your way to the bookcase - which is actually a secret door! After entering Panda & Sons you are immediately transported back to a Victorian-style gentlemen's parlour. Oozing with charm, you would be foolish not to try one of their cocktails during your visit.

Convenience Store, Manchester

The venue may look like any old neon-lit newsagents from the outside, but once inside you’ll find a whole world of boozing. Alongside a mean selection of cocktails, there are shelves stacked with retro sweets and chocolate bars. If you’re wondering how to find it, make sure you find the sign that reads ‘Not Another Tesco F**king Express’.

Ex-Directory, Liverpool

One of the most unique places to drink in the city, Ex-Directory is one of the trickiest secret bars to gain access to. Hidden in plain sight, this red phone box is your way in - but the secrets don't stop there. This highly exclusive bar requires you to crack the code of the phone number. If you're lucky enough to get through, you're in for a treat. This quirky bar draws from 1920s style speakeasy with a dimly-lit interior and brick exposed walls.

The Blind Pig, Dublin

Secretly tucked away in Dublin's city centre is a speakeasy known for the quality of its cocktails. Everything about this venue is a secret; even the menus are hidden in the pages of old books on the table. Expect to find candlelit tables and prohibition-style trinkets, all the while enjoying award-winning crafted cocktails.

40 St Paul's, Birmingham

From the outside, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a family home with the only identifying element being the number 40 on the door. Famed for its bar that holds 140 different kinds of gins but only 24 seats for customers!

Coco Tang, Nottingham

Coco Tang is one of the best hidden bars in Nottingham's city centre. The Asian-inspired subterranean speakeasy prides itself on bespoke liquors and tart tonics to liven up its mixes. Drinks in crystal glasses, tea sets and ornate vases all add to the exclusive vibe.

Dusk 'til Pawn, Manchester

From the outside, you’d be forgiven for believing Dusk Til Pawn is a real Pawn Shop. Head inside you'll quickly see that this is not the case. Instead, you'll find a bar with a secretive, prohibition-style vibe with some of the best cocktails the city has to offer - not to mention the jukebox soundtrack

The Natural Philosopher, London

A functional Mac repair shop in East London might not be your first port of call when looking for an award-winning bar. But looks can be deceiving. Through the shop, you will find an overgrown jungle of plants, art and antiques until lastly reaching the sunken bar - a design similar to the conversation pits that were popular in the '70s. The Natural Philosopher looks to flavours and effects of natural remedies and herbal medicine, often using foraged ingredients from the local area and further afield to find inspiration.

Where will you go next?

Whether you need a place to wash your clothes or somewhere to relax and read a good book; these secret bars in the UK have got you covered! Let us know if you try any of the bars listed above! Or maybe you have your own secret bar you're willing to spill the tea on...

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