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Unbottled with... James Herrington (AKA Jimmy Cutthroat)

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We are beyond excited about the launch of BP DRINKS! To celebrate, we'll be sitting down with some of our collaborators, clients and candidates from the Drinks Industry in our series Unbottled with... We'll be finding out what everyone has been up to over the lockdowns and sharing any exciting news there is for the future!

About James...

James Herrington (AKA ‘Jimmy Cutthroat’) is the founder of Glug, a Pouring Cocktail delivery service that prides itself on its freshness – with both style and flavour. As well as this, Herrington is a content creator, barber, tattooist, and bar owner with the self-professed “weird and wonderful” bar The Blind Librarian.

Hi James – or would you rather we call you ‘Jimmy Cutthroat’?

People call me a lot of names... but yeah, Jimmy Cutthroat is fine! It's a nickname I was given after almost coming 1st in a national competition for traditional Cutthroat Shaves. It’s a little ‘old school gangster’ though which also works well as the owner of a local speakeasy bar - The Blind Librarian.

Definately! Amongst other things, you are the Founder of Glug. What was your inspiration behind creating a ready-to-drink cocktail service?

When Covid-19 hit both the bar and barbershop were closed and our creative agency had most work either cancelled or paused. A combination of my very overactive mind and boredom after a week off in the first lockdown led me to come up with The Secret Cocktail Club delivery service. We started out handwriting labels, making each cocktail as the order came in and then delivering them ourselves. We literally did it all. We were the first in the area and one of the first nationally and because of that, had huge success allowing us to take on a new building. I had some teething problems with my business partner at the time, we didn’t have the same vision for the high standard of service I wanted to deliver and had to part ways. This left me disheartened but this time with a little help from my best friend and partner in the creative agency (Athame Creative) we started from scratch and created a completely new brand. It couldn't have been more different to the first iteration but I believe it ended up exactly how it was to end up: the final stage of evolution. It definitely helps to have our own creative agency which means we can be responsive when creating content, adding new designs and products etc.

FYI: We don't use the term RTD but Pouring Cocktails, they are fresh and ready to pour!

Noted! What has your career in the Drinks Industry looked like so far?

I've owned a barbershop for 10 years now. For me, it's a lifestyle, one that naturally flows into other areas of hospitality, hence the speakeasy. For years I tried to get a premise license in our town. We are seen as very different for the area and had a lot of resistance/opposition, but determination landed us one and we've had The Blind Librarian for over 3 years now. Amassing a large following locally and which has got over 12.2k followers online too. We've had the opportunity to work alongside amazing brands in the bar and subsequently with the creative agency too. We’ve done a lot of digital marketing campaign work, photography and videography, building websites and creating new brand concepts/helping steer them for people like In Bev and many smaller independent brands. Being so heavily surrounded by this culture and lifestyle led us naturally to create our own brand.

What influences your cocktail choices? Which is your favourite Drink Glug cocktail?

We’re influenced by the weird and wonderful. We love making a classic and adding a twist and finding ways to bring a unique experience to our customers. My favourite has to be our Espresso Martini, it's simple yet always a winner. We recently provided 500 of them to the Doncaster Chamber Business Awards. My close second favourite is our Sticky Toffee Old Fashioned.

Both sound delicious! What can we expect next from Glug?

We move to national delivery in the next few weeks which is super exciting. Following that, we’ve got a few cool collaborations in the pipeline so we’ll be getting that underway whilst we finalise plans for our corporate offer and plans for events bars.

If anyone would like any more information please get in touch. Our email is and we would love to chat. There hasn't been enough chatting this year!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to BP DRINKS!

Find out how you can get your hands on some fresh pouring cocktails by visiting

If you would like to find out more about Jimmy's latest creations, be sure to give him a follow on Instagram at Jimmy_cutthroat. Also, make sure you're following Glug on Instagram and Facebook at DrinkGlug to be the first to find out any news!

Are you interested in working with BP DRINKS? We would LOVE to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing

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