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Unbottled with... Katherine Jones

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We are beyond excited about the launch of BP DRINKS! To celebrate, we'll be sitting down with some of our collaborators, clients and candidates from the Drinks Industry in our series Unbottled with... We'll be finding out what everyone has been up to over the lockdowns and sharing any exciting news there is for the future!

About Katherine…

Katherine was born and raised in Liverpool then moved to Leeds for university. After travelling, she worked a year in the USA and a year in China. Once Kath returned home, she got a job at a Talent Agency where she predominantly handled influencer marketing and in 2018, she set up her own influencer marketing agency. From there, with a love of wine and a desire to be more health-conscious, ThinK Wine Group was born!

Hi Katherine! You are the founder of ThinK Wine Group, how did you come up with the idea for ThinK?

ThinK wine was created because I wanted to lose weight but I didn't want to stop drinking wine! I had a passion for wine and an influencer marketing business - I knew that a combination of the two could be amazing.

ThinK Wine Group prides itself on its organic, sustainable, and vegan ethos. How did you find the process of creating a ‘healthier’ wine?

It wasn't easy, Prosecco has to come from the Treviso region of Northern Italy and not everyone wanted to create our wine for us, they just wanted us to white label their own which we weren't open to doing. It also took time to find a winery with the same morals as us to make it work.

When it comes to creating new products, what is the most important step for you?

The TASTE!! Always!! And of course, sustainability. You find that many other Prosecco blends add sugar in the final stages of winemaking called the ‘dosage’ to make their wines more palatable. At ThinK, we let our grapes do the singing so we add significantly less to our final blend. As a result, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, fresher, more delicious, sparkling wine!

How have you had to change your strategy because of the COVID pandemic?

We pivoted completely from a lifestyle/on-trade brand to a purely online brand and it has been AMAZING.

Other than ThinK Wine (obviously!) what’s your favourite drink?

Hmmm, probably an orange gin and tonic!

What's next for ThinK Wine Group?

We're planning small bottles, large event space collaborations, US expansion and a large influencer partnership where we'll be launching a new wine! But I can't tell you any more than that...

Ooh, sounds very exciting! We’ll have to keep an eye out…

Thanks for taking the time to talk to BP DRINKS!

Check out their website at to keep up with all the latest product news & follow ThinK Wine Group on Instagram at @thinkwinegroup to stay in the loop!

Are you interested in working with BP DRINKS? We would LOVE to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing

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